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violet turaco
(musophaga violacea)


The tropical forests of West Africa.

biological characteristics

The Violet Turaco is approximate 45cm long including a long tail. Their plumage is glossy violet with a yellow forehead, crimson/chestnut crown, and a thick red/orange bill. When in flight they display bright crimson primary flight feathers along each wing. They usually lay two eggs at a time, and young are fully coloured by the time they are one year old.

conservation status

Least Concern (IUCN red data list)


  • It feeds on almost all types of fruit and some seeds, and are particularly fond of figs.
  • The Violet Turaco has a loud cooroo-cooroo call

fact file

The European eagle owl cannot be found in the wild in the United Kingdom (unless they have been illegally released), as they were heavily hunted                          during the 19th Century.