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clydesdale horse
(Equus caballus caballus)


Australia, New Zealand, America, South America, Russia and Italy.

biological characteristics

The Clydesdale horse is the pride of Scotland and is a native breed which was founded in Lanarkshire, Clydesdale being the old name for the district. The history of the breed dates back from the middle of the 18th Century, when native horses of Lanarkshire were graded up in an effort to produce greater weight and substance, by use of Flemish stallions.

conservation status

Vulnerable. (Rare Breeds Survival Trust).


  • At its peak, Scotland had around 140,000 farm horses, plus an unknown number in towns and cities, most of which were Clydesdales in whole or part.

fact file

100 years ago this species ranged over most of mainland Europe, northern Africa and Arabic states. They are now extinct from these areas.