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black and white ruffed lemur
(Varecia variegate)


Black and white ruffed lemurs live in the eastern rainforests of Madagascar.

biological characteristics

Black and white ruffed lemurs live in small groups. There are usually only two to five lemurs in each group. They all share a common home territory that they defend from neighbouring groups. One way they do this is by using loud calls to let other lemurs know that they are there. A black and white lemur mother will have two or three babies at once. Many other monkeys or lemurs only have one baby at a time. Black and white lemurs also hide their babies in a safe place. Other monkeys and lemurs keep their babies with them at all times.

conservation status

Endangered. (IUCN red data list).


  • When a baby is three weeks old, it starts to follow its mother around, and it can keep up with her when only seven weeks old.

fact file

Donkeys do not have natural ‘waterproof’ coats like horses and so must find shelter.