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Friends of Camperdown Wildlife Centre organisation

The Friends of Camperdown Wildlife Centre is an independent group of people who have taken their enthusiasm for Camperdown Wildlife Centre (CWC) a step further and actively assist in its aims to exceed in animal care conservation, education and visitor enjoyment. The ‘Friends’ group will undertake to raise support for the Wildlife Centre by organising various events, which will help to provide financial assistance for special projects identified by Wildlife Centre management.

Specific objectives

The Friends of Camperdown Wildlife Centre will:

  • Be dedicated to the future success of CWC.
  • Support Camperdown Wildlife Centre’s conservation efforts and programmes.
  • Ensure a provision of broad support in CWC policies and aims.
  • Promote CWC to the public.
  • Increase awareness of CWC's mission among the public.
  • Create additional revenue for CWC through fundraising events and grant identification.
  • Allocate finances from FOCWC fundraising, to specific projects in Camperdown Wildlife Centre or outwardly involved conservation or zoological projects.
  • Give support to the education of the public on zoological issues.
  • Help to provide improved conditions for entertainment and learning.
  • Provide interaction assistance between CWC interests and visitors.
  • Provide responsible volunteer help for FOCWC within identified projects.
  • Elect and appoint members to run in office and to govern FOCWC.
  • Create and involve FOCWC members, CWC visitors or staff in social activities.
  • Assist in the entertainment of children and families with zoological-based issues.

Become a friend

If anyone is interested in joining our new group - 'Friends of Camperdown Wildlife Centre' - then we'd love to hear from you. Be part of this special group and support our animal conservation and education projects!

For more information on how to join click here or contact us via phone on (01382) 431806 or email info@camperdownwildlifecentre.com


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