Zookeeper for the day

Be a zookeeper for the day! get up close to the animals and see what goes on at the zoo behind the scenes. a unique and memorable experience.

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Zookeeper Kids

Are your kids animal mad? do they dream of being a zookeeper when they grow up? perfect for 8 to 15 year old future zookeepers! 

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Become a friend

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Get up close

Do you love animals? do you want to get up close? do you want to feed your favourite animal? brown bears, ruffed lemurs, ring-tailed lemurs, meerkats?

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Wildlife Camp

Camperdown Wildlife Camp is a 5-day programme designed to provide young people aged 7 t 10 years with a fun experience in a fantastics setting. the activities will enable children to gain memorable experiences in play, activity and nature learning.

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Activities to expect on wildlife camp days
  • arts and crafts workshops
  • themed nature walks
  • camperdown tree spotting trek
  • storybook trails
  • various lawn games
  • conservation learning sessions
  • zookeeper chats
  • mask making
  • insect hunting and identification
  • sport activities
  • plant potting
  • building a brown bear feeding device

Register and book your animal experience by visiting www.dundeesportdevelopment.com or call 01382 431811 for more details.