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Wolves to arrive at Camperdown Wildlife Centre

Two European wolves will be arriving at Camperdown Wildlife Centre on Tuesday 1 March. As a result the centre will be unavailable to the public on Tuesday and will reopen as normal on Wednesday. Initially, visitors will not be able to see the wolves as the centre will allow them to settle in with as little disturbance as possible. However, the zoo looks forward to introducing the wolves to the public at the earliest opportunity.

The female was born in June 2013 at the Highland Wildlife Park in Scotland and the male was born in May 2012 at Dierenrijk / EUROPA in Denmark.

These wolves are pure European wolves and staff at the centre are hopeful that they will contribute to the European breeding programme.

Press Release Date: 29 February 2016
Wolves to arrive at Camperdown Wildlife Centre Image

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Youngsters are mature at six months old, but will not breed until they are two years old.