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Meerkats Arrive at Camperdown – Friday 27 June

Meerkats Arrive at Camperdown – Friday 27 June

A charismatic new clan of Meerkats have claimed their turf at Camperdown Wildlife Centre. The five sociable Meerkats moved in today (Friday 27 June), and are the new neighbours to the short clawed otters and bears.

The Meerkats will take up residence in a huge enclosure at Camperdown, which is set on a hill, with heated indoor accommodation and accessible low viewing windows.

The sloped setting will allow the Meerkats to look out for danger (or visitors), as in the wild - playing the sentry for the Meerkat group is a key duty for “clan” members. Meerkats are native to the Kalahari Desert in Southern Africa (South Africa, Botswana and Namibia), so 90 tons of special sand has also been installed in their new enclosure to ensure there is plenty of ways for the Meerkats to play and forage.

Conservation Network Manager, Bradly Yule said.

“We are delighted that these 5 Meerkats have come to Dundee, they are from another zoo in the UK and they are all great characters.

He continued.

“In the wild, Meerkats normally live in groups of 20–50 animals and they really do live up to their reputation of being charming, sociable animals. So we hope the people of Dundee will visit them soon and help us to keep them company.”

The Meerkats will be at Camperdown Wildlife Centre from Friday 27 June. The centre is open 10.00am – 4.30pm daily.

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